DYDYKIN Studio creates product design. We conduct research, draw concepts, create models and test prototypes so that the design remains relevant longer. Each project goes through 4 stages, which allows to follow the logic of product development, make changes and see the result before preparing for production.

Our design aims to address the challenges faced by active families and conscious consumers. We do not keep to specific areas and styles; we look more at the problem and evaluate whether we can help in solving it. It's better to connect us to the project at the idea stage, so that we think through the design of the product together.



The good design is impossible without love and respect for whom it is intended. We want a person to get new feelings when watching birds in Domik Ptashki, doing sports on Stoyka, presenting dad Stool Glavy Roda, getting Nagrada for achievements in the online tournament. Good design takes time, but makes the product desirable.
Our belief is that every man must convey this World further in a better condition than he inherited! With respect to the work and heritage of the past, we design new generation products, contributing to a better future.
We are convinced that man is inseparable from Nature. Every day inspiring by the surrounding environment we learn how to live, perceive and design in more salutary and natural way on this planet.
In the face of constant change, we strive to create projects aim to push the way of thinking, actions and lifestyle, creating a deeper connection between people, the environment and the things that we own.

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