First, we need to decide what dreams and goals we are striving to realize. Who is the product for? Who are competitors? What is the project time frame? Are there any technology limitations or specific requirements: materials, style, confidentiality, process etc.? What is the budget?
create a CONCEPT
Second, a deep research will be conducted to see hidden possibilities instead of obstacles to find the best creative solutions. The best ideas will be visually presented to the client. Selected sketches will be refined to form the core of concept product.
focus on DETAILS
Third, we create models and prototypes to adjust design for real use and prepare the product for realization. It is important to consider aesthetics, ergonomics, production technology, material properties and much more that affect the final product.
Understanding the difficulties that pioneers face with a new design, we are ready to provide comprehensive support for a smoother introduction of a new product.





Product design by DYDYKIN – creating a deeper connection between people, the environment and the things that we own.

We conduct research, draw concepts, create models and test prototypes so that the design remains relevant longer. It's better to connect us to the project at the idea stage, so that we think through the design of the product together.

"Our belief is that every man must convey this World further in a better condition than he inherited! With respect to the work and heritage of the past, we design new generation products, contributing to a better future." – Igor Dydykin
Igor Dydykin, designer, born 1990 in Russia.

Graduated Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University with a degree in Industrial design, 2014. Graduated MA Product Design at Sheffield Hallam University, 2016.

Was an intern in the Design Futures (Sheffield, UK) doing product design of medical equipment for AXIS and steering wheel and gearbox for LandRover 2014-2016. With multidisciplinary SHU Racing Team (Sheffield, UK) designed the Formula Student racing car for Silverstone International Competition 2015-2016. Worked on the regional Project Office at Samara Technical University participating in design and analysis sessions 2017-2018.

In 2018 founded his own studio.
To start, tell us briefly about your project
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